Fraser Trainer
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Between The Notes

Fraser Trainer is one of the founder members of Bewteen the Notes and plays Piano and Keyboards with the group. The other instrumentalists that make up this unique ensemble are Matthew Barley (Cello), Paul Griffiths (Guitar), Sam Walton (Percussion) and Pete Whyman (Saxophone & Clarinets).

Between The Notes is a group that, through music, challenges the relationships between performer and public, professional and non-professional, written and improvised, classical and popular. The group give concerts, commission new music, write their own music together, improvise, run education projects and collaborate with artists from other art forms.

Between the notes Between the notes with Viktoria Mullova
Fraser Trainer Between the Notes

As well as performing with BTN, Fraser has written three pieces for the group; ID (2001) and Knots (2003) which both feature on a recent black box CD, and Gadget (2006) which takes the form of a concerto for BTN and orchestra. BTN has performed extensively throughout the UK and toured Abu Dhabi, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Singapore and Spain. All five musicians are deeply committed to working in many forms of music education.

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